Quilt Like an Artist - Landscapes
to Oct 21

Quilt Like an Artist - Landscapes

Quilt Like an Artist - Landscapes


Friday, October 19, 7-9pm
Saturday, October 20, 9am - 4pm
Sunday, October 21, 9am - 4pm


Fernie Arts Station




Finding your artistic style is about enthusiastically and fearlessly exploring new ideas and methodology. There are many different techniques and approaches to make expressive fabric art. When art quilting, let’s think like artists!!

In this class I will teach you my process of making original fabric art landscapes. My method of teaching is learning by doing. Step by step you will learn my methods and why these techniques are important. We’ll then work together to unlock your landscape mojo, combining what you’ve learned to your own processes. It’s about expanding your creativity, not merely replacing what you do already.

My technique has evolved and grown through teachings by instructors from all over the world. I’ve combined these cool techniques with my eye for layout and design  coming  from 25+ years’ experience as a graphic designer. What you need to bring to the course are a few ideas for a landscape you’d like to create, a nice range of your favourite fabrics from lights to darks, a dose of courage, a leap of faith, and be ready to have a lot of fun! You will work towards an individual understanding for a process forward to create a new fabric art piece aprox 11 x 17” in size.


Start searching for photos and images you would like to recreate in fabric. Your landscape reference can be from a photograph, a painting, a drawing or versions of both, or a combination from multiple images. I encourage you to take your own photos for 100% originality. It’s good to have both close up focal points and far away studies. While you’re looking for images, think about which landscape views mean.

Narrow your choices to 5-10 photos or drawings. We will use these for exercises on day 1. I will help you develop a pattern and a plan for you to create an 11”x17”-sized landscape fabric piece, one that has meaning to you and that will encompass your abilities and unique style.

If you were able to attend the snow dye workshop in April, bring those fabrics for added inspiration!

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to Apr 15

Snow Dying Workshop

Snow Dying Workshop


Saturday, April 14, 2018 (10:00am to 3:00pm)
Sunday, April 15, 2018 (10:00am to 12:00pm)


Fernie Arts Station




Day 1:

We will all set up tables outside at the Arts Station, 2 persons per table. I will provide a short demo and instruction of the process and handouts will be provided. Handouts will include some suggestions for different color affects and results and some guidelines for color recipes. I will also provide the soda ashe pre-soak for everyone’s fabrics.

Once our pieces are set up outside, together we will move our tables and experiments inside to melt overnight.

Day 2:

Depending on the melt rate of our pieces we can change the meet time. I expect that they will be ready to rinse latest by noon? I will demonstrate the finishing process by rinsing out a few examples. The rinsing and finishing of individual dye pieces can occur at individuals homes in the washing machine with synthropol provided. Clean up at the Arts Station meet back at 3 pm to share.

Will Include

  • 2 yds of cotton pfd fabric per person

  • 6 colors of dye powders to choose from (share between 10 people)

  • small amount of synthropol wash soap  

  • 1 dust mask

  • recipes and suggestions for successful color combinations

Supply List

  • long rubber gloves

  • 2 low plastic storage bins

  • 2 lengths of bug screen to cover 2 bins

  • 8-10 bull dog clips to hold bug screen in place

  • plastic sleeves to protect your handouts

  • pen paper to take notes

  • warm clothes and appropriate footwear for being outside and in the snow

  • cloth rags or paper towel

  • 1 larger bucket to share between 2 people to scoop snow.

  • camera to document your before and after pictures.

  • 2-3 ice cream buckets or large ziplock plastic bags to transport dyed pieces home to wash.

  • possibly a container for melted dye water for you to save and possibly dye more. (it might be muddy or who knows?)


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