Hire Alison

The classes that Alison teaches can be uniquely tailored to suit the artistic levels of the groups enquiring. Her experience comes from the combination of a career in graphic design and illustration plus instruction through many specialty workshops.

Hire Alison to teach one (or two) of the following workshops:

Dyeing Classes

Snow Dyeing: 2-3 days

Learn one of the easiest and most dramatic effects of dyeing fabric using snow. Students will be shown different folding techniques and results and will continue the day with experimenting. Day 2 results with rinsing and fixing processes towards finished dried fabrics. April or Chinook weather recommended. Summer supply of snow can be modified to ice, or sourcing snow from ice arenas. 

Immersion Dyeing: 2-3 days

Learning with Procion fibre reactive dyes, students will start with the basics of mixing the colour wheel. From here students will be able to understand how to mix any colour. While that’s sitting we get going with parfait dyeing. Recipes to try and notes will be provided. Lot’s of tips and tricks shared including how to keep accurate and useful records and samples.

Thickened Dyeing: 2-3 days

Taking it to the next level, adding a thickener to the dye gives students a different method to applying colour and texture to fabrics. Stamping, mono-printing, silkscreen printing are some techniques students are introduced to. If it’s a three day workshop, resists are introduced such as, flour paste, wax and other mixtures to create original marks to create one-of-a-kind fabrics.

Discharge Techniques: 2-3 days

Another interesting fabric manipulation is discharging (taking the colour out of fabric). Using bleach pen and discharge paste, students will create a unique custom piece of fabric using a photo for inspiration. On day two students will make a small art quilt. Students will create a small sample book for future reference. On day three we introduce free motion stitching and work towards a finished original art quilt.

Snow Dyed Pillow

*Must take snow dyeing workshop first or have an interesting dyed piece of fabric to work on. As well, have basic free motion quilting knowledge.

What can I make with all this dyed fabric? Pillows! Students will develop the courage they need to take their original fabric and turn it into something they can use. Step-by-step students will design and make their unique pillow. 

Snow Dyed T-shirt: 2 half days

Using snow or ice students will learn the easy and quick process of making a unique wearable piece of art. Students will be introduced to colour combinations, folding and clamping techniques. Set up your shirt and leave the ice to melt. Return on day two for random results that are unique and fun. We finish the process so that the t-shirt stays bright and holds its colour. More time can be arranged. 

Art Classes

Landscape Art Quilting: 2-3 days

(Would pair nicely with a free-motion art quilt workshop)

Working from a photo or painting, students are shown how to look at a landscape, analyze it, and translate it to fabric using a variety of construction methods. Students will work towards creating an 11” x 17” size art quilt with a detailed explanation of techniques, tips and tricks. Alison will work with each participant to set their project goals.

Free Motion Quilting: 1 day

A very introductory level instruction will be given about the specialty method of anchoring down a quilt. The class will include sewing machine best practices, threads, needles, tips and tricks for sewing art quilts. Students can expect a full day of experimenting and practice through a number of lessons to gain the courage they need to tackle an art quilt project. Recommended for beginners.

Collage Quilts: 2-3 Days

Working with motif fabrics, students will design, plan and execute their animal of choice or other favourite image onto a quilt. Students will learn composition techniques that will be helpful for other projects. The class will analyze and talk about the kinds of fabrics that make their collages unique.