Hire Alison

to create a commission art piece

With experience creating portraits of peoples’ beloved pet, or dramatic life scenes and landscapes, Alison is available to create your perfect art piece on fabric.

Contact Alison to learn more about how she can create your unique art piece.

Steps to Creating your Unique Art Piece

Step 1: Discuss with Alison about how you would like your selected image or theme portrayed. If it’s an animal, perhaps there are special characteristics, or quirky personality traits to be recognized. 

Step 2: Select a photo which the art piece will be based on (example, pet or landscape). The photo can be provided by the client or the object photographed by Alison.

Step 3: Alison with develop two colour concept sketches for your review. The direction of the art piece is set at this time.

Step 4: The size, complexity and final costs are determined.

Step 5: Once production has started Alison will review the progress
with you and feedback will be requested. Ongoing communication is key.

The goal is 100% client satisfaction!


A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is required for the preliminary work discussed above.
* the $500 deposit will be subtracted from the final cost.

Face portrait with colorful background @ $325 per square foot (example 1)

Face portrait with story background @ $350 per square foot (example 2)

*these are examples of costs and prices will be negotiated based on the scope of work.


Example 1

Face portrait with colourful background @ $325 per square foot

Leo example: 24” x 24” - $1300

Example 2

Face portrait with story background @ $350 per square foot

Aussie example: 30” x 40” - $2920