Three Apples and a Paper bag

29” x 34”

In my second workshop with Ruth MacDowell I really wanted to learn to sew curved seams and also create a design from my own image. I have fond memories of learning from Ruth in this workshop, she retired from teaching the following year.

Within and without

12” x 12”

A chair, a bucket and an ashtray share space within a box. Without explanation. My inspiration for this theme comes from a photograph that I took while exploring the Ogden train yards. I liked
the peculiar arrangement and the strong graphic shapes that the shadows created.


One example of what you can do with fabric dyed with snow.
I am available to teach this as a class or create a commission
set of art pillows.

Contact Alison to learn more.


I had this idea to re-upholster a chair with a One-Block-Wonder quilt design. If you look closely you can see the surprise in the pattern.

Learn my process by reading my blog post.