12” x 12” - 2018

Is she the one for you?
Are you spirited and authentic?
Be dedicated, and humble your heart.
She’s on a journey with purpose.
She doesn’t see you and your silly ways.
Surprise her with honesty and intellect.
She’s energetic and into bigger things.
Mountains from you – so rise up!

Dying into now

12” x 12” - 2018

Influenced by the Austrian artist, Hundertwasser,
I stood in the shower one day and thought about slowing down in my rushed life. I let the water wash over me and I realized that I can finish my shower and get on with life. I let worry and anxiety wash over my head and naked body, and afterwards I started to doodle
what that would look like, in my Hundertwasser way.

Dying to Eat

16” x 26”- 2018

Touring with FAN exhibit Conversations

I explored the goddess of overindulgence and poor lifestyle.
This goddess emerged mythically, like Botticelli’s Venus. She is born into a divine love of junk food, booze and smokes that are her driving life force. While there are subtleties (can you spot them?) the main message of my piece is a straightforward cautionary tale of how
poor consumption choices can send us to an early grave.
Are you eating to live...or dying to eat?

Ride like the wind

30” x 30” - 2016

Private Collection - Calgary, AB

I draw my inspiration from many memorable hours spent riding beautiful roads and trails at many places in the world on my mountain bike. I can vividly recall the pure thrill of adventure - from climbing treacherous, rocky stump-strewn trails to being rewarded with gorgeous panoramic views from mountain tops. I try to live my life with the road trip metaphor - always plan something that keeps you looking ahead and anxious to see what’s just over the next rise.
And enjoy the ride!

Sitz Platz – Sit Place

42” x 41” - 2015

Accepted into the Canadian Quilters’ Association
National Juried Show in 2015

Private Collection - Calgary, AB

My inspiration for this quilt came from a photo taken
by Kyle Hamilton of Fernie BC. Each bike was executed in different fabrics, colours and pattern to communicate our individuality
plus one large hand dyed piece of fabric that communicates the sky. Together they represent our family's eagerness
to hit the trail on a misty day.

The Call for redemption

18” x 56” - 2016

The inspiration for this piece comes from the poem called “raven”
by Katherina Vermette
. I interpreted the girl in the poem as being on the street and at her most vulnerable. This piece is meant to be a hopeful message to this girl that she is not alone – the raven is part of her. In this moment the raven is calling for her to release herself from this state of being. It is shouting to live and offers hope
for strength, spiritual awareness and creativity.