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Zac & Zoey

24 ” x 26” - Feb 2019

Private Collection - Calgary, AB

Antarctic Ululation

23” x 32” - Feb 2018

Private Collection - Calgary, AB

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to observe great moments in nature. In this instant, self and subject are one. Awareness that the air beneath your wings is the same air that trills in my throat.
I see you, I am here!


23” x 23”

Accepted into the Canadian Quilters’ Association
National Juried Show in 2016

Private Collection - Calgary, AB

With much meaning and gratitude this portrait was brought to life. A physician and friend was intrigued with my previous work using fabric as an art medium and she asked me to make a portrait of her Border Collie, Leo. He is a beloved family pet who is in his twilight years. It was my goal to communicate his loyal and gentle spirit in fabric. For me it comes alive when I get the eyes right!


29” x 40”

Judges’ Choice
Canadian Quilt Association National Juried Show in 2015

Private Collection - Victoria, BC

My inspiration is the character of a west coast family’s Chocolate Labrador Retriever. He’s the (old) man of the house who commands importance within the family and his environs. He draws you in to his world and dares you to throw the ball one more time!

Pretty Bird I love You

24” x 12”

Private Collection - Duncan, BC

I was commissioned to make a piece for a graduation gift. The client wanted a compilation of all the daughter’s bird friends, which included all her beanie baby stuffed animals from when she was growing up plus her real bird, Chico. It was too complicated to make as a complete fabric piece, so I used a combination of acrylic paint and fabric. Chico and the border are made from fabric. I added the words that he said, “Pretty bird" and "I love you”.

Technique: acrylic paint, fabric collage.

Playing with fire II

30” x 48” - 2015

3rd place prize money
2015 Calgary Stampede Arts and Crafts Showcase

Private Collection - Calgary, AB

This quilt is my first commissioned work. Friends were inspired by my first fire piece, Mountain Blaze – Playing with Fire. I said that I would remake it larger for their liking.

underwater illusion

24” x 36”

Private Collection - Kansas, USA

Inspired by bold floral printed fabrics and underwater experiences
I set out to interpret my scuba diving experience underwater.
Mixing hand dyed fabrics and commercial motif patterns
designed and collaged an ideal underwater garden.


18” x 18”

Private Collection - Fort McMurray, AB

My inspiration is a friend’s Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog. She has such an interesting face and colour markings that I wanted to interpret in acrylic paint, fabric and paper.

Technique: Acrylic paint and fabric collage.