Green Piece

25” x 25”

Award of Merit for strong visual graphics
at the 2015 Grand National Quilt Show in Kitchener Ontario

This art quilt represents my love letter from Alberta to Saskatchewan. It was inspired by my summer road trips from Calgary to Emma Lake and Muenster. I enjoy the beauty and spirit of these Canadian provinces. The land is similar - from forests to farmland, fields of crops to vast prairie landscapes. We are also linked by highways, rural roads and our natural resources. I feel connected to Saskatchewan and my new friends that live there - we're not that different you and I.

Curiosity & Optimism

12” x 12” - 2018

My intention was to make each letter of the word a curiosity in itself. I put fabrics with different textures and odd fabrics together to see what would happen. I want you to spend time with this piece to figure it out and expose its mysteries. I thought about how fibre art begs to be touched while paintings say “don’t touch”. I wanted this to be a fun textural combination of fabrics.

Sky Pilot

20” x 20” - 2015

Private Collection - Calgary, AB

This design was developed as a result of my exploration of tessellations. In this art piece I challenged myself to communicate organic forms in a graphic way, incorporating cotton fabrics and a non-traditional polyester fabric. I wanted to draw in the viewer and communicate a grand sense of perspective by emphasizing
value and colour in the design.

Last Weekend At Emma

19” x 28” - 2012

Private Collection - Calgary, AB

This is the first art quilt I ever made
after spending a week at Emma Lake, Saskatchewan in a fabric dyeing workshop with Anna Hergert. I designed and made my first original art quilt executed with all of my own fabrics planned and dyed that week.

It’s Lightly Snowing

16” x 32”

This was a challenge piece based on the color number 16, “Fuchsia” from Joen Wolfrom’s colour tool card. My inspiration was an out of focus image of a street lit up for Christmas. I was intrigued by the contrast of warm color and the cold influence. I used combinations of commercial and my dyed fabrics and sewed small coloured disks and pearl beads on top to emphasize the watery focus and snowflakes.